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Lotte Mart’s Collaboration with PURESPACE for Fresher Peaches

The Korea Economic Daily
July 26 2023

Lotte Mart and Supermarket conduct 100% non-destructive sweetness screening on all peaches received in stores. Last year, only 80% of the volume was screened for sugar content. Lotte Mart and Supermarkets are currently conducting mechanical sorting on all peaches at the Agricultural Produce Distribution Center (APC) to maintain a high sugar content of over 11 Brix on average.

In order to sell smooth and fresh peaches, the mart also established PURESPACE system, a technology that maintains freshness. PURESPACE is an equipment that improves freshness by removing ethylene gas in the air, which causes aging of produce, using nano-catalyst technology. It helps slow down the rate of decline in the freshness of peaches. Lotte Mart introduced this equipment to 10 stores, including the Songpa branch in Seoul, last year and confirmed that the fresh qualities of harvest was maintained even after receiving the produce. As of this month, 32 stores, including the Seoul Station branch, are operating the equipment to maximize the freshness of peaches.

A model promoting peaches at the Lotte Mart Seoul Station branch.